Qiqqa Champion Project

We have a Business Proposition for You...

It's quite simple. Qiqqa is a lean startup that loves building tech to scale. But we need sales people. Lots of sales people. One at every university, school and college on this planet.

This is where we need you. To get the job done properly, we have created a meaningful income source for you if you help us bring the world to Qiqqa.

We will pay you 25% of every purchase by someone you introduce (capped at $5,000 per month).

  • 1 You introduce people to Qiqqa.
  • 2 You earn 25% of any of their Qiqqa Premium purchases.
  • 3 You earn again when they renew their membership, every year!

Your Referral Code

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Example Earnings

  • $704.88 50 people in your university buy a year of Premium after seeing your poster.
  • $7048.83 500 people in your university buy a year of Premium after seeing your referral link from your university library tools homepage.
  • $2349.95 You introduce a local IT firm to Qiqqa and they buy 20 Premium+ subscriptions.

How payment works

  • 1 Your referrals must enter your Referral Code when they create their Qiqqa account.
  • 2 They must purchase or renew a Premium or Premium+ membership.
  • 3 Commission is sent periodically via PayPal.

How to spread the word

  • These posters and flyers will come in handy. Put them up in popular places - tea rooms, computer laboratories, grad common rooms, lecture halls, bars, and libraries are a great start. Don't forget to write in your referral code!!
  • Go chat to your librarian or e-learning resources department and get them to include your referral link and perhaps this short blurb.
  • Create a Qiqqa usergroup that meets for perhaps an hour a month to help each other out (especially the newcomers) and showcase new features.
  • Use social media for wider reach. Methods that seem popular are: an occasional Tweet, your Facebook wall or status, your email signature, your webpage.

Here's how others describe Qiqqa and how it helps them:

  • How does anyone write up their research without an annotation report?! Sally, Oxford
  • A searchable library for your PDFs and notes. - James, Cambridge
  • Thanks to Qiqqa's search and tags I have never again lost papers in hundreds of PDFs and folders. - Frank, Mannheim
  • Just incredible! - Matt, MIT

...and auto populate BibTeX references with the BibTeX Sniffer, cite whilst you write up in Word, suggests the best paper to cite, discover themes with Qiqqa Expedition, explore papers in brainstorms, free cloud storage, and so on and so on.



Download this link for a pack of great posters. Just add your Referral Code to them, and stick them up in prominent places!

Bonus Ideas

  • Share your referral link from your university homepage. Here is some cover text.
  • Share an informative or fun YouTube or Vimeo video (e.g. this or this),
  • Create a blog post on how you used Qiqqa to solve a real world problem.
  • If you're even more ambitious, you could hire your own mini sales team, using one of these services.

QR Code to your Referral Link

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Thank you for getting the word out about Qiqqa! As always, your feedback on this, or anything else, is always welcome.

After 10 years of your support we have decided to make Qiqqa open source so that it can be grown and extended by its community of thousands of active users.

NB: We will be discontinuing Web Library support for Qiqqa at the end of 2020. So you’ll have one year within which to install the latest version of Open Source Qiqqa (which is improving daily), migrate your Web Libraries into Intranet Libraries, and enjoy all the Premium and Premium+ features of Qiqqa for free (except Web Libraries)!

Go to the Qiqqa Open Source GitHub website.