Premium+ Membership

What is Qiqqa Premium+?

This version offers additional features to Qiqqa Premium. These are typically aimed at commercial use, but anyone can make use of them.

It is particularly appropriate for companies working under restrictions regarding data privacy, since it allows you to ensure your documents never leave your own corporate intranet, should you wish.

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What do members get?

The current Premium+ features include:

  • All the Qiqqa Premium features
  • Private network only syncing (non-cloud)
  • Auditing of document downloads
  • A whopping 50 gigabytes of free cloud storage (if needed)
  • Auto-convert MS Word documents to PDF when added to library
  • Export a Pivot Table of your library statistics - any size

Members automatically benefit as new features are added.

All costs are per individual user

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After 10 years of your support we have decided to make Qiqqa open source so that it can be grown and extended by its community of thousands of active users.

NB: We will be discontinuing Web Library support for Qiqqa at the end of 2020. So you’ll have one year within which to install the latest version of Open Source Qiqqa (which is improving daily), migrate your Web Libraries into Intranet Libraries, and enjoy all the Premium and Premium+ features of Qiqqa for free (except Web Libraries)!
Go to the Qiqqa Open Source GitHub website.