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What is Qiqqa Premium?

If you use Qiqqa extensively - or just want to support our work - you'll enjoy the extra features packed into a Qiqqa Premium membership. It costs only a few dollars a month. Members automatically get access to any new Premium features we add.

Hover over the icons within Qiqqa Desktop for more information about each Premium feature.

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What are the features?

The current Premium features include:

  • No adverts or sponsored messages
  • A whopping 10 gigabytes of free storage
  • Annotation report filtering
  • Jump to annotation from preview
  • Access the full list of documents within an Expedition™ theme (instead of 10)
  • Choose the number of themes in your Expedition™
  • Quick insertion of recommended citations within InCite™
  • Set up to 10 bookmarks for each PDF (instead of 2)
  • Open password protected PDFs
  • Extra document highlighter colors
  • Web sharing of more documents, for longer
  • No Qiqqa watermark on the front page of exported documents
  • Create and join more than 10 libraries
  • Exclude & include lists for your AutoTags
  • Customizable web search tabs
  • Convert batches of Microsoft Word files into PDF
  • Restrict your searches to custom BibTeX records
  • Add user-defined keys to the BibTeX Editor
  • Add frequently use user-defined search queries to the Search Box
  • Private intranet read-only syncing (non-cloud)
  • Automatically re-open libraries, documents and remember window locations at startup
  • Choose your app background color from 4 billion (instead of 6)
  • Search history remembered even if you restart Qiqqa
  • Mass download all PDFs from a webpage
  • Mass edit tags, bibtex and review information for many docs
  • Export a Pivot Table of your library statistics, e.g. tag-vs-tag, tag-vs-author, author-vs-year (500 rows)
  • Filter your Annotation Report by creation and follow-up date
  • PDF speed reader
  • If you select PDF annotations in your brainstorm and press 'P', they turn into their underlying document image
  • A warm fuzzy feeling that you're supporting our hard work!

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"Just bought my 1-year premium membership to Qiqqa. Had to support this program, because it pretty much rocks. All the organization tools for my PDF library are absolutely amazing." - rschuet

After 10 years of your support we have decided to make Qiqqa open source so that it can be grown and extended by its community of thousands of active users.

NB: We will be discontinuing Web Library support for Qiqqa at the end of 2020. So you’ll have one year within which to install the latest version of Open Source Qiqqa (which is improving daily), migrate your Web Libraries into Intranet Libraries, and enjoy all the Premium and Premium+ features of Qiqqa for free (except Web Libraries)!
Go to the Qiqqa Open Source GitHub website.