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What's this?

We really appreciate all the help we can get spreading the word about Qiqqa.

To make it even easier, here are a few ways you can help us spread the word.

In return we are more than happy to thank you with loads of free Premium membership.

Your Referral Code

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Method 1 Put up a poster on campus

Print out one of our posters, write your Referral Code in the blank spot, and post them wherever researchers congregate:

Grad common rooms, laboratory cafes, tearooms, libraries, computer labs, lecture theatres, cafeterias, halls of residence, etc, etc etc.

Just right click, save and print these posters .

Your Referral Code is above.

Reward: One month's free Premium membership for you, and two weeks for them, for every signup.

Method 2 Share a link

Make a link to the Qiqqa website, including your unique Referral Code. Places we've seen people put it are: at the bottom of your email signature; on your research homepage; on your Facebook profile.

Your unique referral link: is above.

Reward: One day's free Premium membership for every unique visitor.

Method 3 Tweet about us

Tell us your twitter username, then tweet about us, including the word "Qiqqa" (hopefully saying something nice...thanks!)

Reward: Two day's free Premium membership for every tweet (max 1 per day)

Method 4 Register a friend

Recommend to your friends and classmates that they sign up for a Qiqqa account. When they do, you both score!

Ensure they enter your Referral Code when signing up so we know who to credit. If they use your Direct Register Link it'll be filled in automatically - nice!

Your direct register link is above.

Reward: One month's free Premium membership for you, and two weeks for them, for every signup.


  • Log in to see your Referral Code.
  • For signups, people need to use the app at least once
  • For most of the methods above, we can recognize them instantly and credit your account.
  • Except for twitter - we grab the tweets several times an hour (so not quite instant)
  • There is a reasonable maximum amount of future free premium that can be accumulated
  • Please don't abuse this ;)

Lastly, thank you for getting the word out about Qiqqa! As always, your feedback on this, or anything else, is always welcome.

After 10 years of your support we have decided to make Qiqqa open source so that it can be grown and extended by its community of thousands of active users.

NB: We will be discontinuing Web Library support for Qiqqa at the end of 2020. So you’ll have one year within which to install the latest version of Open Source Qiqqa (which is improving daily), migrate your Web Libraries into Intranet Libraries, and enjoy all the Premium and Premium+ features of Qiqqa for free (except Web Libraries)!

Go to the Qiqqa Open Source GitHub website.