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  • Unique tools to reference, understand, discover
  • Save time and produce better work
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The award-winning research management system for business and academia.

Trusted by commercial and academic researchers through all five stages of the knowledge lifecycle.

1 Organize

Superb reference and document management.
Import PDFs and they're OCRed, tags extracted, and Qiqqa helps you populate missing metadata.

Full-text search, duplicate paper detection, and much more. See more »

2 Discover

See information about papers, and connections between concepts, in a totally unique way.

Know exactly what paper to focus on next and spend energy on the things that matter.

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3 Review and Understand

Top-notch built-in PDF reader with annotating, highlighting, automated jump links, tablet sync, and so much more.

Create printable summaries of your annotations, and mindmaps of your thoughts. See more »

4 Collaborate

Optionally sync to the private cloud with unlimited storage.

Share library documents, metadata, and notes in private with selected friends or colleagues.

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5 Produce your Best Work

When writing your paper, don't waste time hunting for references or formatting citations.

Qiqqa connects to Word™ (including 2013) to make citing and bibliographies a breeze. See more »

Just add your PDFs, and get the rest done, quicker.

Qiqqa is free, and available now.

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Comments from students and researchers

  • Mohit Agrawal (Princeton)
    "#qiqqa is absolutely amazing. Who knew that thesis work could be this much fun?"
  • Charlotte Munoz
    "@laurapasquini @qiqqa I've got Mac friends buying pcs or running in parallels JUST for #qiqqa. Makes sharing papers for classes a breeze, 2."
  • Hyod
    "I personally want to thank you for coming up with this mind-blowing idea. I just started my PhD a little over two months ago and my library is a mess. I've used Excel to manage my articles and i thought it was cool enough.  Your Qiqqa made my Excel idea look like a toddler's painting next to Michelangelo's."
  • E.M. Matthews
    "I think Qiqqa rocks - Thanks to Qiqqa I was able to organize and search through hundreds of PDF journals and extract the information I needed to complete my PhD! I wish I had stumbled upon it sooner, but now that I have, and found success, I'll be sharing Qiqq with everyone I come in contact with."
  • Kleber Neves
    "Awesome piece of software. I'm recommending it to everyone. The best thing is how it took me only a couple hours to set up, get the metadata and organize all my PDFs, with little to no effort on my part. Amazing. I'm still finding out new features I like."
  • E.M. Matthews
    "I think Qiqqa rocks - Thanks to Qiqqa I was able to organize and search through hundreds of PDF journals and extract the information I needed to complete my PhD!"
  • Matthew Hicks
    "I have over 600 articles index and searchable. I could not have done this with our QiQQA. Keep up the good work. QIQQA saved me this summer."
  • Bill A.
    "Great software! Been using it since January 2011! Been very helpful with my research."
  • Mete Akcaoglu (Michigan State)
    "awesome FREE pdf reader/annotator! There is an annotation generator, built-in!!!"
  • Jill W
    "I love it. LOVE IT! This is making my lit review so, so much easier. It's intuitive--like it was built by people who actually do research. Bravo. I'm not one to push product recommendations, but I'm going to enthusiastically recommend Qiqqa to the other research students I know."
  • RazorShultzor
    "Qiqqa is an incredible piece of software. I am SO glad I found it. It does everything better than all the big qualitative research programs like NVivo and Atlas"
  • rschuet
    "Just bought my 1-year premium membership to Qiqqa. Had to support this program, because it pretty much rocks. All the organization tools for my PDF library are absolutely amazing."
  • Elzbieta Jaskulska
    "Without it it would be totally impossible to write PHD dissertation in just a month. Done it!"
  • Nat
    "Thank you so much for inventing and continually improving this awesome resource."
  • Vijay
    "It is a wonderful tool which has solved manyof my day today issues."
  • Matthew Harris, Expressive Computing
    "I wrote a 50 page paper and I don't think I would have done it in time without Qiqqa! Thanks for creating such a great program."
  • Ellie Carter-Silk
    "Really loving @Qiqqa right now as i'm trying to simultaneously write 2 papers and 3 chapters #AutoTags yes!"
  • Preston
    "You're awesome. This is awesome. Thanks so much. I have no one to blame but myself if this dissertation doesn't get written!"
  • Jarl
    "Qiqqa is a fantastic tool and I will use it more and gather constructive feedback to share with you when I have it. What I can already say is that I've got a large collection of PDFs that just sat on a server for a long time until I found Qiqqa and was able to make heads and tails of them. Fantastic tool, fantastic work!"
  • luis.manso
    "I would like to thank the people from Qiqqa for their support. They sent me a patched version that fixed the problem in less than 24h. The day I can autonomously work with my Android tablet (which would involve adding documents and highlighting) I would get a Qiqqa tatoo (just kidding :P). Good job! Thank you!"
  • Malavikat
    "I found qiqqa just a month or so before I wrote my comprehensive/qualifying exams for my PhD. The ability to tag/search/annotate and organize all of my documents went a long, long way to helping me stay on top of papers as I wrote them. After a bit of a break I'm now back to work on my research proposal and can't wait to dive head first into all of the updates you've made in my few weeks off. :) Thanks for developing fantastic software and for being so responsive to your users' requests."
  • University Ninja (Website)
    "Qiqqa Makes Research Fun and Easy. If there is one Swiss army knife that every college student needs, this one is it. Qiqqa, a research tool, makes writing papers a breeze."
  • rpd
    "Awesomely awesome! I tried different softwares, but qiqqa offers all the features I need in one research integrated environment. Wish I came across this when I started my research."
  • Curtis M
    "Thanks James! Qiqqa is awesome! Thanks for making it available. It is such a lifesaver when doing research"
  • Ali Jalali
    "This is probably the best all around PDF/research/citation manager I have seen, and I have tried quite a few. I wanted to thank the developer(s) for this."
  • get.renee
    "I love this software. It not only automates tasks I used to do by hand (annotation report!!) but does things I didn't know I wanted to do (expedition). Thank you thank you thank you. --A grateful assistant professor"
  • ga385
    "I love Qiqqa. I've spent the last few days installing and playing around with Endnote x4 and x5, Mendeley, and Qiqqa. While I have not tried actually writing and citing yet, all the other features make Qiqqa a stand out tool. The passion behind the product is obvious and while I know it is still a work-in-progress, it is setting the standard."
  • Valerie
    "... love your software! I have sent your download link to all my Master/PhD fellow students and I know a few are already using it."
  • Michael Freeman
    "Buying parallels and a version of windows for my mac literally just for @qiqqa, amazing reference management software"
  • Charlotte - Vanderbilt
    "I love Qiqqa! I think you've developed an amazing product."
  • Matt
    "I absolutely love Qiqqa! It's the best research program ever, and it's saving me so much time and making my PhD so much easier. I'm raving about it to all of my friends and think you are the best thing since sliced bread for creating it! Thank you! The program is so clever that I keep expecting to find a 'Create my PhD' button somewhere!"
  • Andrei
    "I'll simply put it this way: YOU'RE A GENIUS. I think you and your team did a great job on this thing, it revolutionized my research experience, I'd been recommending it to some of my professors"
  • Saskia
    "I just wanted to thank you so very much for creating Qiqqa. It is brilliant - truly, truly helpful."
  • Britta Bohlinger (Open University)
    "PDF handling finally under control: annotating, converting into RTF, preview in library. Love QIQQA"
  • Nasir
    "Hi! And endless thanks for creating this wonderful software. It helped me find articles buried inside my hard drive long time ago."
  • Henriette
    "Just wanted to say I love Qiqqa, it's exactly what I've been looking for for a long time! In fact, it is one of the two reasons I still use Windows, not Linux (the other one is SPSS). Thanks for providing such a great study tool."
  • Kim
    "Qiqqa has absolutely redefined my academic experience...thank you. I have shared it with many of my friends and acquaintances and they have started to share it with their friends. All the reports back have been positive. Well done and thanks again."
  • Jess
    "Qiqqa is awesome. I spent a bit of time trying to decide which reference software to use before beginning my phd this fall. I had tried citeulike for my master's dissertation and explored endnote, mendeley and others, but none of them did everything I wanted. Qiqqa is far superior to anything else out there. Thank you so much for making it!"
  • @Hushcakes
    "Just discovered Qiqqa. Amazing. It is so much better than endnote and zotero!"
  • Bill A
    "Love your software! Great software! Been using it since January 2011! Been very helpful with my research."
  • Benjamin
    "Hi! After getting used to Qiqqa I'm just blown away by how efficient my management of research papers has become :D Not only is it more organized, but also makes keeping track of meta data much less time-consuming. I'll definitely recommend this software to my colleagues."
  • Natalie
    "Qiqqa is fantastic and I'm finding it an excellent replacement for EndNote with a better user interface and more intuitive commands. I love the document search function to go straight to 'methods' etc."
  • Janet @ Florida State University
    "Thank you for your contribution to the world of research! Since finding Qiqqa I have been sharing your product with family, friends, and colleagues."
  • Ronnie
    "Jimme - Qiqqa's awesome! Period! I demo'd it to my supervisor the other day and he was blown away. I'm also gonna introduce it to my new students this fall."
  • Shaun
    "I have been using Qiqqa every day for my research and its been fantastic."
  • Robert - Research Fellow - University of Michigan
    "I'm loving the features Qiqqa offers."
  • Brendan
    "I love the program. It even inspired me to buy a windows box again. I had converted to MAC."
  • @fifthbeatlenat
    "Just discovered @Qiqqa... and wish I'd known about it before I did my honours thesis! So many cool features for a research freak like me :)"
  • Michael
    "Yeah it's amazing piece of software. I already put my companies 1500 journals in the database and got about 900 of the Bibtex files down."
  • Sybrand
    "I still love Qiqqa, great piece of software; keep up the good work with these continuous improvements."
  • Katherine
    "I have just started my masters in ecology and it is making a world of difference."
  • Baba
    "Qiqqa is one of the best as a pdf manager and I am enjoying using it. Thanks for all the hard work! You rock!"
  • Otini
    "Thanks for a great product! haven't found anything even remotely close when it comes to capturing all the hours I spend with journal articles."
  • Victoria Burton (Hampton)
    "Qiqqa - excellent software for getting your research/academic work done better"
  • Aita
    "...your team are total legends - I loooooove Quiqqa. It is just the most useful thing for doing research. It's fantastic! Thank you so much for your continued work on it! :)"
  • Stacy - University of Nebraska
    "I love Qiqqa and I am convinced that my productivity as a scholar is greatly enhanced because of the service. I have no complaints."
  • Jimmy - Texas
    "...Ok, I've been using Qiqqa for about 3 days. I'm a doctoral student, in the field of Management Information Systems. I think Qiqqa is the BEST tool I've found for managing my PDF documents. It provides excellent organization, tagging, and annotation features. A friend of mine said that it is just procrastinating to go looking for the 'perfect' tool rather than just diving in. However, I have been rewarded for the long search I've made in finding Qiqqa..."
  • TangoCat
    "...so far have enjoyed it tremendously. Most of program features are fantastic..."
  • Tomas
    "...excellent piece of software. I like it very much..."
  • Paul - Cern
    "...it works very well and I like the fact it covers every different type of word processor or publication tool that I use..."
  • Ahmad - University of Tehran
    "I have found your tool (Qiqqa) very useful and competitive to Mendeley"
  • Audrey Hesse
    "This is a brilliant piece of work! Thanks for sharing your ingenuity with everyone. Expedition is a great asset! Thanks!"
  • Adrian
    "Qiqqa is excellent and it is now my article repository of choice...really useful piece of software..."
  • Tim
    "...no other program out there even comes close to this one, it is awesome."
  • Blake
    "So far I love it...Keep up the good work"
  • Anonymous
    "Loving qiqqa so far! brilliant program. thanks for being awesome."
  • Tony C.
    "Qiqqa is an excellent tool, far and away better than anything I've come across."
  • Sarah - Mayo
    "I really like Qiqqa... I love the annotation feature"
  • Deborah Heck
    ". I am very impressed with the Brainstorming and Expedition tools."
  • Anonymous
    "Just wanted to say I LOVE your product. I am writing a HUGE paper for my Digital Research Grad school class (at Marlboro College) and have been struggling with how to copy/paste PDF's if I needed to cite them in my paper. This program is amazingly helpful and easy to use. I'm just writing to support your development of the product and to give you Kudos for a good job done!"
  • Anonymous
    "I'm tremendously delighted with the work you've done!"
  • From our Helpdesk
    "Love the software, it took 5 minutes with it to decide on switching my entire study strategy to rely on Qiqqa., love this software,great software,wonderful program, The app is terrific!"
  • Austin
    "I am impressed with the software and the features. I am still in the process of learning the fine details. Nevertheless, I love having access to my files on multiple computers. The bibtex feature is great."
  • Tom Loveland
    "Im finding that qiqqa is a top program that is very useful for file storage and processing. You did a top job of creating it!"
  • SML
    "...a wonderful and free piece of software..."
  • Tess
    "...Qiqqa has been great so far! I'm 3 years into a doctoral program and had been sorting all my downloaded papers in folders... your program has changed my world."
  • Cozzo - MIT
    "...really enjoyed it...thanks for the great work."
  • @discostupid
    "Qiqqa is awesome for thesis writing!"
  • Ime Asangansi
    "Great job! Qiqqa's outstanding search features (especially Booleans, wildcards and fuzzies) really help with literature reviews and in tracking themes."
  • Monica
    "I absolutely love it! I wish I'd known about Qiqqa before I finished my PhD 8 years ago. I already sent the link to two collaborators I'm working with this summer to write a paper - and the three of us are in three different cities."
  • Timothy Hui
    "I have been researching into and trying different references managers and Android capable reference managers, and Qiqqa by far and away is the best program out there. The software is well written, it's easy to use, and you can tell the people designing it actually know what the users are looking for."
  • More comments from academics and researchers »

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